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Want to know what your users see but don't say?

Get private UX feedback on your SaaS product with an over-the-shoulder video.

Find and fix UX issues in your SaaS product.

Is bad UX hurting your business growth?

38% of users are likely to switch to a competitor if they encounter poor UX.

68% of users would pay more for a product with superior UX.

78% of customer support calls are related to UX issues.

Eliminate 80% of your Usability Problems with a UX Video Audit

Learn what's great, what's not, and how to take your user experience to the next level.

  • Users getting stuck or confused
  • Users are asking for support too often
  • Poor customer retention - too much churn​
  • Unclear design patterns causing user/developer misery​
  • Set a roadmap for where to start improving the UX/UI​

If your SaaS product is showing signs of a poor user experience, I can help you find and fix the issues.

UX Feedback

Get Clear Steps to Fix your Painful UX issues

Unlike traditional UX audits, which often provide a list of problems without clear solutions, the video audit is designed to be actionable. I provide you with a clear action item list of recommendations.

This enables you to immediately start implementing the changes needed to improve your product’s UX.

Tangible Benefits of Good UX Design

Good usability is the difference between users bouncing off your product and becoming die-hard champions.

Let's Slay your UX Dragons

Uncover hidden UX issues and unleash the true potential of your SaaS product with a UX Video Audit.

"DesignHelp's UX magic transformed Service Buddy. Usability soared, engagement boomed, and it looks damn good."

Tom Strachan - Owner, Service Buddy
Owl Practice

Meet your new UX wingman.

Hello, I'm Sean Alsobrooks.

I'm a UX/UI design veteran with over 20 years of experience navigating the entire design spectrum – from UX research to visuals, with a sweet spot in the SaaS world.

Here's what I do:

  • I have a knack for spotting UX issues that frustrate users and complicate your product. 

  • Once I identify your UX problems, I tell you exactly how to fix them before they affect your users.
  • I save you time and money on costly code rework and customer support by identifying and fixing UX issues early in the development process.

Easy to use, hard to leave: Let's make your product so user-friendly, your customers won't dream of jumping to your competition.

Simple Pricing

Video UX Audit

$ 199
  • 10 min video review
  • 1-2 product screens
  • Fully actionable recommendations
  • Current wait time: about 2 weeks

Full UX Audit

$ 3500
  • A 2-3 week full deep dive of your SaaS product, with actionable insights ordered by priority.
  • The end result is an in-depth report with video analysis and accompanying checklist to improve every aspect of your UX.

Compare Plans

Video Audit
Full Audit

The number of product screens included in the audit.




Timeline for audit + delivery.

About 2 weeks

2-3 weeks

Action Item List

A comprehensive action plan that you can immediately start implementing.
Perfect for handing off to your development team.

10-20 Suggestions

100+ Suggestions


Always private, crystal clear videos in Full HD.

Video Transcript

Available in 50+ languages for easy reading.

Top 10 Priority List

Top 10 UX optimizations which can be implemented with low effort, yet yield significant usability improvements.

Heuristic Evaluation

We use established design principles to identify potential usability problems in your product.

Landing Page Audit

Audit your sales page for conversion issues and opportunities. 

Onboarding Audit

Audit your user onboarding flow for friction points.

1:1 Video Meetings

30 minute onboarding + 60 minute handoff video meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my audit?

Current wait time is about 2 weeks.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure. If I don't provide you great value, just let me know.

Can I purchase more than one video audit?

Absolutely. I have many clients who purchase the audit monthly.

Do you review mobile or desktop SaaS?

Either or. Just let me know when you place your order which version you'd like me to review.

Did I miss something?  
Email me at with questions.


Can I ask you specific question about my UX?

If I can answer it by looking at your product and within 10 minutes, yes. After you order you can leave a comment with specifics next to your URL.

Can you help non-English sites?

Unfortunately not. It's better to hire a UX expert fluent in your language.

Can you review a SaaS product I don't own?

As long as you can provide me access, that's absolutely fine. Many clients ask me for an opinion on their competitors.
- Before You Leave -

"I'm still not convinced.
Change my mind before I leave this page."

Still skeptical? That’s fair. But before you bounce, let me explain why my $199 mini video audit is a steal:

  • Quick results: I uncover major UX flaws in minutes, not weeks.
  • My $99 mini video audit is like a sneak peek into your site’s potential.
    I pinpoint critical UX issues that could be costing you conversions.
  • Zero pressure: No upsells, just honest feedback. Call me out if I try!

Ready to see what you’re missing? Grab your $99 video audit now.

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