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I need your help to generate content ideas.

I own a website design company writing a weekly newsletter for home service business owners (painters, fence contractors, roofers, etc). The newsletter is about different ways business owners can use their website to streamline their business, work faster, charge more money, outperform their local competitors, and make more money.  

To generate ideas, I want you to imagine a “Content matrix” table. In this table, the X axis contains types of content, meaning ways to expand on a topic. The Y axis contains content topics to be matched with the X axis.

The X axis has these content types, formatted like this: [NAME] (explanation on how to use it)

1. [Actionable] (Ultra-specific guide teaching readers HOW to do something)

2. [Motivational] (Inspirational personal or industry stories about people who did something extraordinary)

3. [Analytical] (Informational breakdown of a topic, explaining to the reader WHY something is/works the way it does)

4. [Contrarian] (Go against the common advice and say something contrarian to the common beliefs on the topic, and explain why)

5. [Observation] (Observe a hidden, secret, or silent but IMPORTANT trend in the topic/industry)

6. [X vs. Y] (Compare two entities, styles, frameworks, companies, apps, or something else within the topic)

7. [Present vs Future] (Compare the status quo with a prediction about the future, and explain to the reader why that is)

8. [Listicle] (Provide a useful list of resources, tips, mistakes, lessons, steps, insights, frameworks, or something else about the topic)


The Y axis contains the topics:

1. Artificial Intelligence for Home Services Business Owners

2. Keep your website fresh and updated

3. How a beautiful website can help you raise prices and charge more money

4. Social media growth

  1. Google Reviews to help grow your business
  2. Hire a team to build and take care your website so you don’t have to think about it


Now, I want you to write out this table and write out a content idea at the intersections of the X and Y axises. You match each topic with a content type.

For example a content idea matching the topic “Content Strategy” with the content type “How can people do it?” would be “7 things you need to know to create your content strategy”]